Alcantara MaterialAlcantara® is a unique, innovative material, developed and manufactured through a unique, proprietary technology. It is an extraordinary material due to its aesthetic properties, its softness and comfort and its functionality, with being a breathable material, its ease of maintenance and resistance. Thanks to the combination of these properties Alcantara® covered objects can be used on a daily basis with maximum freedom. Alcantara®s colour palette is very rich and makes it suitable for use with other materials; see the colour card for the full range.

Alcantara® is the choice of leading brands because it is strong but also sensual and breathable, it is washable and it can be ironed remaining soft and pleasurable to touch, virtually indestructible and elegant like nothing else and it is impossible to imitate. It is a new category and it stands alone within it, although many materials have tried to copy its look and finish.

It is difficult to categorise Alcantara® with existing materials or products due to its properties, usability and its qualities. Any classification would be wrong or provide limitations, Alcantara® is Alcantara®!

There are many applications for Alcantara® from the fashion sector which includes clothing and accessories, the automotive industry especially in performance sports cars, the marine industry primarily in luxury yachts, the aviation sector for use high specification aircraft to interior design.

In the clothing industry it is used for full garments, panels and trimmings on knitwear, trousers, skirts, dresses, jackets, gloves, hats and handicraft. It can be combined with any fibre or fabric. It is wonderful for handbags, shoes, bindings, as a lining for suitcases and as an outer covering on luxury luggage. Within the jewellery trade Alcantara® is used in window displays, for pads and jewellery rolls. The applications for Alcantara® are varied and limitless; there is nothing in the world more versatile than this unique, timeless and highly evolved material.

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